Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

KCS Technical Solutions is happy to help our customers with top of the line services for to help better your business, residence or personal projects in the Florida Keys and South Florida. We are passionate about helping businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve their greatest potential both online and in our local community.

In order to minimize any potential miscommunication with our clientele we have created a concise terms of service agreement that any customer must understand and agree to before any of our services can be initiated.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our terms so you can know what to expect with the services provided by KCS Technical Solutions.

KCS Technical Solutions Privacy Policy

KCS understands and greatly respects your need for personal privacy. We make a commitment not to share any information that we receive from you with any outside sources. For more information on our Privacy Policy, please click here to read our full policy today.

KCS Technical Solutions Terms of Service

Web Design Content Submission

Content for web projects will be submitted electronically via email to info@kcstechnicalsolutions.com. Content includes the unique text, pictures, and other mediums that describe your website. Written content must be in text editor form (Word, NotePad, Wordpad accepted). Pictures must be in approved (jpeg, gif, png, psd) file format attached to email.

Website design services cannot begin until KCS Technical Solutions has your content on hand or you have approved agreements to move forward with KCS to have us create your content for you for your online projects. Please understand that content must come from YOU the customer unless you have decided to use KCS as your content creators.

KCS Technical Solutions Web Content Service

KCS Technical Solutions provides proofreading and content creation services for our customers in order to ensure that your content is published online in the highest quality fashion. In order for the content we create to be of the highest quality, we require a minimum of a simple phone consultation so that we can learn more about your business. Further, our content writing services and proofreading are charged on a per page basis. Per page is typically defined as up to 350 words of written content about your business, service, product or other offering.

Domain Registration

As part of any web build package, KCS Technical Solutions will assist with the registering of your domain name with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) through one of our third party vendors. Domain Registration Renewal will be due to KCS Technical Solutions at the end of the registration period if you choose to continue to use KCS’s services.

Website Ownership

Once your website is built by KCS, you ,the customer, will retain ownership of the website. By this, you can request the source code of the website and KCS will send you an electronic record of the source code. From there you can choose to maintain your website and hosting of the website with KCS, or you can take your website code to a new provider for maintenance and hosting. The choice is yours.


KCS works with clients in the deposit capacity for the initiation of projects online or in a marketing capacity. We require non-refundable deposit payments of agreed percentage of overall project build proposals in advance of any work initiation. Further payment scheduling during the project will be clearly outlined in all build proposals. Payments on outstanding balances are expected promptly with a maximum of 30 days credit on any open balances submit to the client.

Web Design Project Initiation

At KCS we recognize your desire to have your website started in a timely manner. Our terms dictate that your web build will begin once you as the customer have electronically submit both the initial deposit of proposed website services (total payment for A la Carte Options), the content that your website will use (including pictures and text about your business) and the approval and acceptance of our proposal and terms of service. Once KCS has received the submission of this informatio, the process of site mock-up will begin.

Phone Consultations

KCS wants to know about your business before building you a site. We offer FREE 15 minute phone consultations both before you make your deposit and after your deposit is made. This way, we can interpret what type of web build will benefit you the most. We are happy to facillitate longer consultations for businesses who require a greater degree of detail in the setup, organization and planning of a custom or customized web presence. Please note that consultations above and beyond the initial scope will be billed under our regular consulting fees. Call Us Today!


KCS Technical Solutions strives to make building a website a breeze for any web build customer. In order to facilitate the best service we require customers pay non-refundable deposits for web build, SEO or marketing service costs upon initiation of the build, with the remaining balance due within three business days from delivery of propsed or estimated service. For all A La Carte services (including graphic design, web design, SEO, etc) payment will be made to KCS at project initiation.

Payments for any services are expected to be delivered within a maximum of 14 days from completion of service and delivery of totaled invoice to client. KCS demands prompt payments for all services provided.

Choosing your Design

After you choose your web build package, make a deposit and send us your content (or hire us to produce your content), KCS Technical Solutions will contact you via email with a selection of draft designs for your website. Once you choose your initial layout, KCS will begin your build according to your content, our conversations and understanding of your business and your unique web objectives. Approval of your mock-up defines the website that will be built for and delivered to you. Any changes after the two hour grace period upon submission of your site will result in additional work which could be billed on an hourly basis.

Proposal Mock-up Samples

Any samples sent to clients as part of, or in addendum to a proposal are the full intellectual property of KCS Technical Solutions and its respective Owners. Any use of these samples without the consent of KCS Technical Solutions will be in violation of our Terms of Service.

Web Build and Revisions to the Website

Before any work is implemented on your site, KCS will present you with mock-ups of possible site layouts and displays. At this time you will make the choice for your overall website look. After you choose your design, KCS will begin the development of your unique online web presence. At the end of the build, KCS will contact you with the first completed full draft of your online project upon which time you can view your site, take note of any requested changes in content, images, or structure of the site and contact us with your requested revisions.

Cross Browser Functionality

KCS Technical Solutions prides ourselves on full customization in web development. As such, we strive to develop websites and online content that are efficient across a wide smattering of current browsers. However, certain custom coding projects can encounter challenges on old versions of internet browsers, especially older versions of Internet Explorer. Our terms commit to the development of your website across current browsers. Contact us today with any questions.

Hosting Reliability

KCS utilizes the use of Third Party Vendors for website Domain Registration, Hosting and other services. By agreeing to our terms and services you verify agreement in understanding that any hosting downtime of your website is the result of possible third party vendor delays. If you have more questions on this topic, do not hesitate to Contact us today and we will walk you through our process.

Third Party Vendors

KCS utilizes the use of Third Party Vendors for website Domain Registration, Hosting and other services. By agreeing to our terms and services you verify agreement to our third party vendors’ terms of service. This includes the understanding that your public information of your company website that you submit to KCS will be publicly accessible in the “Who-is” database of website registration, unless you have contracted with us for private website registration services. If you have more questions on this topic, do not hesitate to Contact us today and we will walk you through our process.

Refusal of Service Condition

KCS Technical Solutions reserves the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason at any time.


KCS Technical Solutions will not be held liable for any misrepresentations of your content as any type of copyright infringement. We refuse to use content that we know is in direct violation with known copyright standards. Each client unconditionally warrants that all content (any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks or other artwork) furnished to KCS for inclusion in projects are owned by the client, or that the proper permission from the owner of content has been given for use on web. Client affirms to hold harmless, protect, indemnify and defend KCS Technical Solutions from any liability (including court costs and attorney fees) including any claim or suit, threatened or actual, arising from the use of such content elements delivered by Client.


KCS Technical Solutions will not be held liable for any misrepresentations of your content as being wholly legal for web use. We refuse to use content that we know is in direct violation with known legality issues.

Customizations after Web Delivery

KCS Technical Solutions is thrilled to assist all of our valued clientele with services custom tailored to fit with the changing demands of a growing business. After an approved service is delivered, clients will be responsible for additional billing at KCS Technical Solutions’ normal hourly rate. Please review the specific proposal submit to you by one of our representatives for more information about exactly what you can expect to receive in your web build, SEO or Marketing proposal. Please be advised that services requested by client above and beyond those outlined in your proposal will be incurred at normal hourly rates.

Timely Payments

With respect to any services provided by KCS, the client agrees to submit timely payments in-line with proposals and work completion. All clients agree to settle outstanding accounting in full within a maximum of 15 days from completion of requested services and submission of project invoicing.


Client affirms and understands that KCS makes no expressed or limited warranties in terms of refunds on hourly billed services. Client Agrees that hourly services are rendered at the behest of client need for various company services.


Each client expressly and unconditionally Agrees that KCS services incited by client are done so at the client risk. KCS and its employees, third party agents, and other associated parties do not warrant that services will be error free; nor do we warrant any potential, expected or possible results that a project may or may not experience due to the work performed by KCS. Our projects affirm that all risk associated with the success or failure of company projects lies solely with client. Each client and project agrees to hold KCS completely harmless for any possible losses of company files, suffered at the hands of third party entities involved in the company projects. Further, each client agrees to hold KCS completely harmless with respect to any possible errors initiated, encountered or created at the request of Client.


Each client Agrees that it shall defend, save, indemnify and hold harmless KCS from any and all 3rd party demands including, but not limited to any demands, costs, liabilities, associated attorneys and court fees and otherwise asserted against KCS as a result of client requested services. This includes any copyright action, personal injury from the result of products or services or any other liabilities associated with online services and associated marketing.

Changes to our terms and conditions

KCS Technical Solutions reserves the right to change this document of our terms and conditions at any time and for any purpose that we see fit. We make no warranties about notification of changes to this documentation.