TV, Display and Theater

TV, Display and Theater

Commercial and Residential TV, Display, Audio and Theater Solutions for every budget and project

KCS offers a wide variety of integrated TV, Display, Audio and Theater solutions for commercial and residential clients. We develop customized solutions to fit the needs of each individual client.

TV, Display and Theater Solutions

From state-of-the-art to practical, KCS technicians recommends solutions based on experience and training. When evaluating and designing each custom solution, we focus on reliability, easy of use, and cost-effectiveness. We realize that modern technology offers an endless list of possibilities and just about any home can have a brilliant home theater system. From flat-panel TV installations projection systems, there’s simply no end to the possibilities.

Commercial Video Solutions

For our commercial clients, we design, build, consult, and connect their AV systems. We offer solutions that meet all the varying needs of the commercial environment. We have solutions for restaurants, boardroom communications, onsite marketing and digital signage.

We offer custom solutions for Hospitality and Restaurants including

  • Audio, Video  and Automation Distribution Systems
  • Security Displays and Camera Controls
  • Computer and Video Displays

Residential Video Solutions

We have 3D and high definition LCD and Plasma entertainment solution packages to help our customers choose the best display for their lifestyle. Cables and wiring will be concealed in the best manner possible, as per the customers wishes.

Flat Panel HD Installation

We offer mounting services for your flat-panel display. These installation services offer clients the safest, best looking, and most practical solution for their home theater. We have the ability to mount your television in drywall, concrete, stone, or just about any other material. KCS certified consultants mount, wire and configure your displays so you can get the most out of your equipment.

Home Theater Solutions

We can help you plan your next theater project to create a unique theater or media room and achieve your video and sound objectives. Our theater services include custom mounting, wiring and configuration of sound and video products.

Audio Solutions

KCS offers a wide variety of audio solutions. We develop customized solutions that allow users to control sound both inside and outside their home or office. Our streaming and distributed audio solutions give our clients the control and listening experience to achieve their objectives. With a variety of techniques, products and solutions available to integrate, imagine being able to control music and enjoy it in any location on your property.

Surround Sound

KCS will design a complete audio system for your theater. Technicians will install and configure surround sound speakers and home theater speaker systems to deliver cinema-like performance for movies and music.

Multi-room sound control

KCS can install and configure an audio system that will give users total control throughout their home or commercial building. Technicians integrate in-wall controls, touch-panels and remotes for clients’ multi-room sound.

Flush-mounted Speakers

Sleek and modern design – clean and powerful sound. KCS has flush-mounted in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to blend in to your room while delivering premium sound.

Wireless Streaming and Control

KCS can install a wireless audio solution to provide clients with the ability to stream music around their property. Music can be streamed from customized devices, phones, AV system, or from a computer and online music services.

Outdoor Speaker Options

We have speaker solutions for tiki, outdoor entertainment area, beach, pool options for your property and guests. We understand the harsh environment and will work with clients to develop a strategy and select the right products for each installation based on individual needs, requirements and budgets.