Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems Save Businesses Time and Money while providing Security and Mobility.

KCS understands that today’s business requires anywhere anytime data access. Our technicians will work with you to deliver an end to end secure and reliable wireless solutions that meets your business needs and budget.

KCS utilizes best practices and superior products during the implementation of your wireless solution and include the following features and benefits:

  • Streamlined Migration to Secure Wireless Networks from traditional systems
  • Hotel Wireless Internet Systems
  • Marina Wireless Internet Systems
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Voice-Ready Wireless
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Solutions
  • Experienced project managers and design team
  • Wireless needs analysis and customized plan development
  • Consistent, reliable connectivity
  • Implementation, management, upgrades and ongoing customer support
  • Increased flexibility which can directly impact productivity
  • Office layouts can be reconfigured without costly rewiring fees
  • Conference rooms, common areas and outdoor areas can be configured to provide secure wireless access
  • Security systems and cameras can utilize wireless networks to provide monitoring of areas that are unable to be wired

Reliable, High Performance Equipment

KCS technicians recommend, install and service routers, access points, client bridges and adapters that are designed to maximize coverage in large areas, offices, developments and multi-story buildings. Our equipment produces high power output and increased radio sensitivity to allow us to cover a larger areas with lower cost and less equipment.

Long-Range, High Capacity and High-Powered

KCS installs outdoor high-powered, long-range access points delivering high-speed wireless data connectivity. Our solutions provide outdoor wireless network access for large properties or for connecting buildings to a company network. Our access points transmit power and high receive sensitivity making it a robust solution for extending company networks.

Connectivity Solutions

Our preferred line of products are rugged and weatherproof and specifically designed for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. KCS can configure point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network communications, extend the range of the wireless signal or broaden your wireless network.

Guest Bandwidth and Speed Management

KCS offers a service to configure and monitor devices using an administrator interface that allows for efficient management and proactive support if necessary.

Analytics, Reporting and Network Health

Our product offering includes analytics and reporting modules to monitor user groups and expedite troubleshooting or potential resource issues.

Wi-FI Management Controller

Our systems have an optional controller integration that allows your business to manage access points, configure wireless networks, map out networks and quickly manage system traffic. These controller integrations also provide:

  • RF monitoring and device mapping
  • Detailed RF performance analysis