Camera Systems and Solutions

Camera Systems and Solutions

Camera Systems and Solutions

KCS offers camera systems and solutions designed to monitor and protect both individuals and property.  We use cutting edge digital technology and provide customized video security solutions to meet your individual needs.

Remote Monitoring

Our camera systems allow clients to remotely monitor their locations using computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones or an IPAD. Motion alerts can be configured to email you when there is abnormal activity at the location.

Camera control: Pan-Tilt-Zoom

KCS PTZ camera solutions provide pan, tilt and zoom functions, enabling wide area coverage and high resolution zoom functions. Our PTZ cameras are ideal for live monitoring situations where the user needs to actively track objects or utilize endless 360° panning. KCS can provide both indoor and outdoor high-speed high-resolution camera options.

Perimeter Control

Perimeter control solutions allow clients to effectively manage any size land perimeter by creating a secure guard-less environment equipped with monitoring products and alerts to lower security costs. Perimeter solutions include cameras, monitors and access control products.

Covert and hidden cameras

KCS has hidden cameras for a variety of applications. We have non-visible camera options, as well as cameras disguised as other discrete objects, such as motion detectors, smoke alarms, or custom items.

License Plate

Card readers allow easy access to perimeter and gate systems for any visitor with a key card. This is especially useful for private locations resorts and more who demand private entrances and other customer solutions.

Thermal Imaging

We supply and install thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems for a wide variety of imaging applications. We have superior camera solutions for observation, surveillance, navigation, safety, maritime functions, environmental monitoring and land based security.